Cedar FX Cookie Policy

  1. Introduction

    1. CedarFX uses cookies to personalize the website experience for users and make it more efficient. These cookies can be stored on the user’s device long after visiting the CedarFX website. Cookies will display the name of the website from where the cookie originated, the validity period of the cookie, and its value.

    2. Cedar FX uses cookies to compile anonymous aggregated statistics to improve the website structure and content. This includes session cookies that remain on the user’s device while using the CedarFX website, and persistent cookies that remain on the user’s device until deleted manually.

    3. Some CedarFX pages use pixel tags to collect information. This tag may be shared with third parties who directly support CedarFX’s promotional activities and website development. For example, site usage information may be shared with third-party advertising agencies to create targeted online banner ads. The information may be linked to a user’s personal information, but will not be personally identifiable.

  2. Types of Cookies

    1. Necessary cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the CedarFX website. This allows users to browse the website and use resources such as recalling past actions to facilitate navigation to visited pages in a previous session. Necessary cookies do not allow the website to identify individual users. Not accepting these cookies can affect the website's user experience.

    2. Functionality cookies are used to deliver content that is most relevant to the user and their interests. These cookies can be used to display targeted ads or limit the display of ads. They also help CedarFX measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns on first-party and third-party sites. These cookies may be used to remember the websites users visit to share this information with other parties, such as advertisers and agencies. Most of these cookies allow the company to track consumers and collect personal information via IP addresses.

    3. Performance cookies help CedarFX understand how website visitors are interacting with the site and provide information about issues such as areas visited, time spent on the site, and error messages. These cookies will help CedarFX improve the site’s performance and functionality. Performance cookies do not identify individual users. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously.

    4. CedarFX works with several vendors who can set cookies on their devices on behalf of CedarFX. When users visit CedarFX, they may also receive cookies from third-party websites or domains. CedarFX strives to identify these cookies beforehand so that users can decide whether to accept them or not. For more information on these cookies, please refer to the relevant third party websites.

  3. Data Collected

    1. CedarFX collects user information provided directly upon website account registration. This data includes personal data, such as the registration number and contact details provided, as well as aggregated data, including website traffic data and IP addresses, which does not identify individual users.

    2. CedarFX will respect the privacy of the user’s personal information in accordance with the jurisdiction of the country CedarFX is located in. CedarFX stores all personal data for administrative, service-related, and legal purposes only.

    3. User data will only be shared with third parties in exceptional circumstances, such as when enforced by government or judicial authorities, or when the user expressly consents to the disclosure of information. This consent can be revoked at any time.

    4. This Privacy Policy also covers third-party platforms, websites, and applications that are directly or indirectly operated by CedarFX.

  4. Data Collected

    1. Data collected by CedarFX is used to improve and personalise website content to individual users as well as notify users of website updates. CedarFX can also use contact information to send news and information related to promotions opportunities that users may be interested in. Users can choose whether to receive these updates or not.

    2. CedarFX can also send information to user email addresses relating to account updates, products and services, technical issues, new product launches, surveys, and marketing campaigns.

    3. Clients should contact customer service via live chat or by creating a ticket enquiry to stop receiving such materials.

  5. Managing Cookies

    1. Users can change their internet browser cookie settings to block cookies or to issue warnings when cookies are sent to their device.

    2. Disabling cookies can affect the CedarFX website user experience. For example, users may not be able to access certain areas of the website or may not receive personalised information when they visit CedarFX.

    3. If users make use of a variety of devices to access CedarFX (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), they need to make sure that all browsers on each device are set according to their preferred cookie settings.

    4. Users can change their internet browser's cookie settings to block cookies or to send warnings when cookies are being sent to a device. For more information on changing browser settings, refer to the browser’s help section.

    5. Users consent to the use of cookies when using the CedarFX website and its services. Users who do not accept this policy must adjust their web browser settings or refrain from using CedarFX or its Third Party Platforms. Disabling cookies may affect some or all functions of CedarFX’s services.

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